What is the depth of your Mattresses?

Please allow your new mattress to settled for 48 hours at room temperature, it will expand to its full depth. It is also worth mentioning that our mattresses are measured at the center, not the sides. The sides may only measure 9 or 10 cm's.

The depth of our Mattresses are:

One Piece foam - 8cm

Coolmax Foam interior - 10cm

Natural Mattress - 10cm

Luxury Quilted - 10cm

Spring interior quilted - 14cm

Coolmax Spring interior - 14cm

Amicor Spring interior - 14cm

Pocket Sprung - 15cm

Tufted Pocket Sprung - 15cm

Moses Basket / Pram / Crib sizes are all 3.5cm depth

2ft6 and 3ft single bed mattresses are 14-15cm depth

Please click here to see our guide to choosing the right mattress for your baby.

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