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BabyStyle’s Oyster Carapace infant carrier Statement and Q&A


BabyStyle acknowledge the results recorded in the WHICH? crash tests and are actively investigating the issues reported.  Any implication that the Oyster Carapace infant carrier is unsafe to use solely the opinion of WHICH? and is in direct contradiction to the regulatory and legally binding standards (R129) to which the Oyster Carapace Infant carrier complies with.

  • What’s the problem with these Babystyle Oyster Duofix ISOFIX Base?
  • They are taking precaution by voluntarily recalling this base following the recent Which report which advises that the Oyster DuoFix ISOFIX Base should not be used with the Oyster Carapace Infant Car Seat.


  •  What should customers do?
  • Customers should stop using Oyster DuoFix car seat immediately with their Oyster Carapace car seat. Customers should be advised to return the DuoFix Base to a Mothercare store for a refund, or exchange for an alternative product. The customer may also want to return their Oyster Carapace car seat as well as they may not want to use it without the ISOFIX Base.


If a customer is unable to return the product to store they should contact the Mothercare helpline or speak directly to Babystyle.


  • Has anyone been injured?
  • A. No, this is just a precaution.


  • How are we making customers aware of this issue?
  • Stores are being supplied with a Public Recall Notice Poster to print off and display in their windows. We are also writing to and emailing those customers who purchased this item via the websites as well as advertising on social media sites and placing the Public Recall Notice message on the Mothercare website.  


  • Are any other products affected by this recall?
  • No, but customer’s may want to return the Oyster Carapace car seat if they do not want to use it belted into their vehicle so we will allow a customer to return it.


  • Does Mothercare have a problem with its quality control procedures?
  • No. As safety is of paramount importance to Mothercare we react quickly and efficiently to issues involving our products and would rather organise a precautionary recall than risk injury to our customers.



Q/ I have heard that the Carapace infant carrier is not safe, is this true?

A/ No, it is not true, the seats have been tested and are safe. The car seat has been tested to and conform to the latest British, European and UN Safety Standards and Regulations and the Oyster Carapace meets the regulatory requirements of ECE R129.


Q/ I am not happy and want a refund, I haven’t used the item.

A/ We are happy to offer refunds in line with our policy, so if the item is unused and in resaleable condition, we will be happy to refund it or exchange it for you. (If the goods are outside the time section of our policy but meet all other sections eg: unused and resaleable, please authorise the return).


Q/ I am not happy and want a refund, the item hasn’t arrived.

A/ We will be more than happy to cancel this item for you, if it is possible at this stage. If we are unable to cancel it, then we will be happy to offer refunds in line with our policy, so if the item is unused and in resaleable condition, we will be happy to refund it or exchange it for you.


Q/ I have ordered / planned to order this car seat and base and no longer want it, what alternatives do you offer that are compatible with my Oyster pushchair?

Style Sku Product RRP Style Sku Product RRP
NE255 211834-3 CSEAT ROCK NOMAD BLACK £169 NF511 250384-2 CSEAT 3WAY FIX BASE £199
NA503 251400-8 CSEAT PEBBLE PLUS NOMAD BLACK £199 NF511 250384-2 CSEAT 3WAY FIX BASE £199


Q/ These are more expensive than the Carapace, do I need to pay the difference?

A/ Yes, you would need to pay the difference on both the car seat and the base. 


Q/ I have the car seat, but not the base, I have seen the Which? report and I am too worried to use it as I have lost faith in the product and I want a refund or an exchange.

A/ We understand you concerns, however the car seat, when used with the seat belt passed the Which? tests. The car seat also meets the legal requirements.

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