Problems with your Gro Egg?

The Gro Egg is designed to read the air temperature around it, it is calibrated to a plus or minus 1 degree,  the black dot on the back of the Gro Egg is the actual thermometer depending where this is positioned will determine what it is reading.  For example if it is direct sunlight or near a heat source or draught it will pick this up.  To test it if you place your finger over the black dot does the temperature change and go up ?  The four colours you will see on your Gro egg if the temperature differs is Blue this is for rooms 16degrees and below, Yellow 16-20 degrees, Orange 20-24 degrees and red 24 degrees and above.

If it fails the test, it is not working correctly and needs to be returned to us to investigate / replaced (depending on how long they have had it).


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