What toys are suitable for what age?

These toys are ideal for the various stages of your baby's first year.

From newborn to 6 weeks

Your baby will be drawn to high contrast colours and patterns.

  • Cot mobile
  • Play mat and baby gym
  • Baby music tapes/cds

From about 3 to 6 months

Your baby will begin to be able to roll over, may start to respond to his or her own name, and might be able to find partly hidden objects.

  • Fabric books
  • Rattles
  • Soft cuddly toy

From about 6 to 8 months

Your little one will be showing greater precision in picking up and grasping objects, may be sitting up with support, and starting to babble and make different sounds.

  • Stacking beakers
  • Wooden blocks
  • Baby mirror
  • Bath toys
  • Small card books
  • Teething rings

From 8 to 12 months

Your baby will respond to a wide variety of stimuli, might be crawling or even beginning to walk, and may even start to say a few words.

  • Toy telephone
  • Chunky play bricks and people
  • Musical toys
  • Pull along toys
  • Ride on toys (12months)

Play it safe

  • Purchase toys from a reputable retailer
  • Ensure toys conform to British Standard BS EN71
  • Dispose of packaging after opening the toy
  • Keep toys away from fire
  • Watch out for older children playing with toys that have small parts, close to your baby
  • Always use a harness when using swings
  • Put toys away after use to avoid falls, and do not leave toys on the stairs

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