Which mattresses will Angelcare Sound and Movement monitors will work with?

With regards to choosing a mattress we advise the following- 

Angelcare Sound and Movement Monitors are designed to monitor the movements of your baby. It can be used in a standard cot/cot bed. 

The Sensor Pad is placed under the mattress. It detects your baby’s movements and therefore you must take into consideration the thickness of the mattress and also the amount of layers your baby is wearing when put to bed. 

Too many layers and/or a thick mattress could affect the Sensor Pad’s ability to monitor your baby effectively. 

Every child is an individual and will have a different pattern of movement. With this in mind the sensitivity of the Sensor Pad can be adjusted to suit different sleeping arrangements/mattresses. 

We know that the Sensor Pad will NOT work with a hollow framed mattress or a memory foam mattress. 

We would suggest when purchasing any mattress for your baby that you take the above points into consideration. 


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