Which pushchair is right for me?

There are many things you need to consider when choosing a pushchair - such as the age of your baby, your available storage space and of course your budget.

Travel Systems are suitable from birth and designed to be used with an infant carier that lifts easily out of the car and slots into the frame. However, if you are planning to go out and about for any period of time, always use the pushchair, pram, or carry cot mode.

Strollers are practical and lightweight, they're perfect for holidays and days out and for people who use public transport a lot. They fold down compactly for easy storage, too.

Doubles and Tandems provide comfy rides for two. Doubles sit siblings side by side and some are suitable from birth, while tandems sit one in front of the other (usually with one seat suitable from birth and the second from 6 months.

3 Wheelers are perfect if you'll be putting in a lot of pushchair mileage, whether it's around town or over rough terrain. They're easy to steer but make sure you've got the boot space!


For more in-depth information and help choosing the right pushchair. Click here for our pushchair buyers guides.

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