What is the correct temperature for my baby's nursery?


Room temperature is vital in creating a safe sleeping environment for baby and should be maintained at 16-20°C to help reduce the risk of cot death.

How much bedding to use
The amount of bedding you use depends on room temperature. However, the rule of thumb is a vest, a bodysuit, plus one sheet and up to three thin blankets.

  • 24°C/75°F - 1 sheet only
  • 21°C/70°F - 1 sheet plus 1 layer of blanket
  • 18°C/65°F - 1 sheet plus 2 layers of blanket
  • 15°C/60°F - 1 sheet plus 3 layers of blanket

(Note: A blanket doubled over counts as two layers)

Please note this is a guide only, room temperature and baby should be monitored regularly to ensure they are not too hot or too cold.

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