What is Isofix?

What is ISOFIX?

ISOFIX is a universal system for fitting car seats that uses connectors built into the car rather than a seat belt. This makes it easier to fit the seat correctly. Particularly when using an infant car seat, an ISOFIX base makes it easier to click in and click out the car seat from the ISOFIX base to avoid disturbing a sleeping baby. 

Not all cars are suitable - yours needs to have been built with ISOFIX points. 

How does it work?

Some car seats already have the ISOFIX connectors built in and others will require an ISOFIX base to be bought separately. The ISOFIX connectors simply plug into the anchorage points within a compatible car. 

Often an ISOFIX car seat or base will have indicators to show when correctly fitted. Don’t forget you should get your car seat professionally fitted in store by one of our trained advisors.

Can I use an ISOFIX car seat?

Yes, if your car has ISOFIX anchorage points. ISOFIX car seats have 3 ISOFIX points.

  • 2 ISOFIX connectors (metal bars) that hook onto the anchor points at the base of the vehicle seat
  • A top tether or support leg 

Remember not all car seats fit all vehicles, even if your vehicle has ISOFIX points. Our trained advisors will ensure you get the right seat for your vehicle.

3 types of Isofix:

  • Universal - Three isofix anchorage points. For forward facing car seats (Group 1 and above). From Feb 2006, every car produced now has Universal Isofix anchorage points.
  • Semi-Universal - Two Isofix anchorage points with supportive leg. It is a car specific solution, so you should refer to a compatibility listing to ensure it fits your car. Rearward-facing car seats (Group 0+) can only be semi-universal.
  • Car Specific - Two Isofix anchorage points which can be converted to 'Universal' by using a top tether strap.

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