What is a 'show'?

A ‘show' is a plug of mucus which forms soon after you become pregnant and usually sits inside the cervix, acting as a barrier. Towards the end of your pregnancy the cervix may start to open a little and move around, this means you can lose little bits of the mucus and you may notice them in your knickers or when you wipe yourself after going to the loo. It looks like jelly and can often have streaks of blood in it.

Unfortunately it isn't a sign that you are about to go into labour and you may even see it two weeks before the baby is born. Some women don't see any at all until they are in labour. If you do see a show and are less than 37 weeks you should call the labour ward for advice, otherwise they don't need to know. As at any other time, if you see bright red blood you must go to the hospital.

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