What way should I toilet train my child?

Toilet training

Going from nappies to pants can be a stressful time for little ones and their parents, the video below might help you through…


when should I start?

there’s no right or wrong time to start, it all depends on when you and your little one feel ready, but we do know that at 18-24 months babies can’t control their bladders.

how will I know when they are ready?

they will show you when they are ready to start by being curious when other members of the household go to the toilet. They will also start to wake up dry from nap time and start trying to remove their own nappies – not always fun for parents! Sometimes they show an interest in the potty and will go and sit on it by themselves, or perhaps start fidgeting and pulling faces when they need to go. Also, the gap between wetting increases to over an hour.

Potty Training

how can I help them?

popular methods are using it in play, sitting their toys on the potty, encouraging them to sit on the potty and play to increase the time they will sit on it and also letting them see you use the toilet (we don’t find that this is a problem for most parents as they are rarely unaccompanied when they visit the bathroom!)

ignore ‘accidents’ they can’t be helped, and you want them to be completely relaxed about using the potty.

when should I get the potty out?

don’t put it away, you will need to make it your constant companion and take it everywhere you go!

Is there anything else that would help?

You could try switching to pull ups from nappies when you start to see signs of interest in the potty from your little one and encourage them to go to the toilet before bed, pulling them up and down themselves.

What if it all goes wrong?

By the age of 3, most children are dry during the day but still wetting at night, accidents do happen, so it might be worth investing in waterproof sheets, just try to stay relaxed about it and hopefully your little one will be relaxed too!


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